Smartphone Apps and Home Buyers


In the digital age, there is almost nothing that a mobile app cannot improve. Once, buying Okotoks real estate meant pouring through classified ads or driving around target neighborhoods and looking for signs reading “FOR SALE.”

Some people still do this; it is a quaint and old-fashioned way to house hunt which can be fun. There are faster and more efficient means of house hunting nowadays in the form of mobile apps. Here are a few of the best.

Doorsteps Swipe

A newer mobile app that just went live this year, the Doorsteps Swipe app is designed to be fun to use as well as educational. It is targeted at home buyers just beginning their house hunt. The app allows people to target specific regions and swipe listings to create a profile of likes and dislikes.

As they go through the process, home seekers can view a summary of their profile and begin to learn the ins and outs of buying a home.


Homesnap is designed for both new and advanced buyers. Users can take a photo of a potential home from within the app, which then calls up a wealth of information about the property. Data includes recent sale prices, bedrooms and bathrooms, tax information, school district and more.

This app is excellent for agents and clients to share information and interact regarding potential properties.

Market Snapshot

This app provides community and school reports and can send detailed information about the neighborhood, individual properties, or real estate agent insights straight to your email.

The advantage of this app is the ability to view real-time market statistics, wherever you are. It displays neighborhood trends regarding properties for sale and detailed information about every listing.

Close It!

Described as the Turbo Tax of real estate, this app is designed to help buyers work out their finances for any home purchase. It provides financial estimates from cash to close, including mortgage estimates and settlement statements. The buyer needs only to enter the price of the property and its jurisdiction.


An advanced mortgage calculator, iPMT helps with any financing issue a buyer can imagine. It allows you to incorporate tax information and other fees. It can break down a payment schedule for a mortgage. It even allows a buyer to quickly calculate the difference between their offer and a seller’s counter-offer in terms of monthly payment.

These apps make the process of buying a home much more convenient and easy. If you are ready to begin your search for a new house, please give us a call today!