Okotoks: It Already Feels Like Home

What makes living in Okotoks so special?

I’ve lived in Okotoks for 11 years now, and I can tell you that it has been my home since the moment I arrived. There is something so amazing here, where ideas are born, families grow, and good times are had by all.

Want to learn more about it? I’d love to give you the rundown of what makes Okotoks so special. We could even start with a tour to give you a better look at what living in Okotoks is like.

The Basics

  • Okotoks is a small town located about 15 minutes south of Calgary.
  • Within Okotoks you can find a selection of homes, condos, and acreages to meet your needs.
  • The neighbourhood of Drake Landing, within Okotoks, is one of Canada’s only solar communities.
  • Communities in Okotoks each come with unique perks – lake access, bike paths, and more.
  • Okotoks is now home to many retail outlets like, Costco, Home Depot, Save on Foods, Safeway, Sobeys

The Region

One of the main things that drive people to Okotoks is how accessible it is, while still retaining its distinct, small-town charm. People love Okotoks because they can still access big-city amenities, from the comfort of a community that truly feels like home.

Walking paths, bike trails, there are so many outdoor opportunities. There’s so much to offer just beyond your doorstep, that every day can be a new adventure living in Okotoks.

The Culture

Okotoks is a growing community, with a heart and soul that is located downtown. Often all it takes is a brief stroll along Elizabeth Street in Old Towne Okotoks, and you’ll quickly see that there’s something here for everyone.

In the summer, there are festivals almost every week, while the recreational facilities here are hard to beat. See the downtown for yourself, and enjoy the selection of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes – like Tribal Connections, our personal favorite.

Want to know what your life would look like living in Okotoks? Please feel free to take a look at my relocating page for a great place to start.

Air Ranch

Formed in 2005, Air Ranch was designed around the concept of luxury living in Northeast Okotoks. What you have here is 32 acres of pristine, natural beauty, coupled with homes that are designed to with large lots to appeal to multiple types of buyers. Looking for an exclusive home in a beautiful, neighbourhood? If the homes don’t sell you on Air Ranch, take a look outside and the views of the Rockies might just seal the deal.

See properties in Air Ranch

Crystal Shores

If you buy a home in Crystal Shores, you’re welcome to a whole host of amenities. You have exclusive access to the lake (which happens to be the area’s namesake), a private beach, and a beach house. This happens to be the only community in Okotoks with access of this kind, so homes here tend to sell very quickly to enthused buyers. Warm summer evenings on the water, picnics in the early fall, and even a clear view in the winter from the comfort of your own home. Looking for homes in Crystal Shores? I can help you get started.

See properties in Crystal Shores


Cimarron is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Okotoks, stretching out across 640 acres of space. You’ll find everything from first-time-buyer homes to fabulous custom builds in this area, which ultimately contributes to this community’s unique vibrancy and at-home feeling. Only a short walk away is where you’ll find the fabulous Sheep River, with riverside trails perfect for cyclists, walks with the dog, or early-morning runs.

See properties in Cimarron

Drake Landing

How would you like to reduce your energy bills while living in your dream home? Drake Landing happens to be the first solar community of its kind in North America. Some of the homes here are heated by solar energy, which is stored below ground during the summer, and used throughout the winter to provide warm evenings indoors. Overall, Drake Landing is a quaint residential community, and also happens to be home to Okotoks’ only dog park. Interesting in lowering your carbon footprint while calling a picturesque community home? You’ve just found the place to do it.

See properties in Drake Landing

Mountain View and Sandstone

You can take in everything when you live in Mountain View. Look to the west, and you’ll find mountains looming in the distance. At the same time, look to the south and see Old Town Okotoks. This area is made up of small cul-de-sacs which help make it feel private, exclusive, and uniquely tranquil. The homes are beautiful, and so are the views, which makes every day in Mountain View a true pleasure.

See properties in Mountain View and Sandstone

Rosemount and Crescent Heights

Take a trip to the north side of Okotoks, and you’ll likely to find yourself in love with the neighbourhoods of Rosemount and Crescent Heights. These are areas commonly referred to as “on the ridge,” and here you’ll find large lots, close proximity to Downtown Okotoks, and a collection of amazing schools (and an even more amazing recreation centre). You’ll find mostly bungalows in this area of town, surrounded by mature trees and with loads of space. There’s lots of room, lots of characters, which makes these areas a great opportunity to start and raise a family in Okotoks.

See properties in Rosemount and Crescent Heights

Sheep River and Hunters Glen

Overlooking the banks of the iconic Sheep River, homes here are very diverse. You’ll find luxury homes backing onto lots of green space, with areas like Sheep River Cove and Sheep River Heights still in a period of development. This is an area primed for wonderful growth, and living here means getting in on the ground floor of that excitement. Next door is Hunters Glen, which has a peaceful vibe, older properties, and mature lots. Another great place to call home.

See properties in Sheep River and Hunters Glen


Looking for a real mix of new old and homes? Westridge really began growing in the 1990s, and continued its development all the way until the 2000s. The newest subdivision here is commonly referred to as “The Hill.” What you’ll typically find here are properties with oversized lots, charming views of the valley, and loads of green space. The area is uniquely styled, so that it suits just about any home buyer.

See properties in Westridge


In the southwest corner of Okotoks, Westmount offers a real variety of home styles. There are single-family homes, townhouses, and villa-style condos on offer. The best part about living in Westmount? Locals love the unobstructed views of the mountains, and the open spaces that really give residents loads of living space. There’s even a newly-opened school, with caters to grades K - 9, that is perfect for young families. Shops, restaurants, and loads of other amenities make up the charming community of Westmount.

See properties in Westmount


Woodhaven is a well-established area, with many stunning properties. Close to the Okotoks Sheep River Campground, as well as the new RCMP office, Woodhaven is a quiet respite for families of all kinds. If you lived here, you could easily walk to both Old Towne Okotoks, or the newest shopping ares, while your children would be easy walking distance to the Composite High School. Large trees, shrubs, and mature yards, Woodhaven stays true to its name as a wonderful green space for families.

See properties in Woodhaven

D'Arcy Ranch

Situated on 280 breathtaking acres of pristine Okotoks, D’arcy Ranch is the gem of North Okotoks (and only 15 minutes from Calgary). Featuring streets named after native plants in the area, Willow Crescent, Juniper Street, Sage Way, D’Archy Ranch is a charming planned community that features a myriad of home styles and builds to suit any buyer. This is a regal escape from the city to simpler times and highlights the amazing growth that Okotoks is continuing to enjoy as it becomes bigger, better, and brighter.

See properties in D'Arcy Ranch


An exciting mix of the old and the new comes to a head in the community of Downey. What you will come across here are mostly single-family homes, with townhouses, condos, bungalows, and more mixed throughout the neighbourhood. This is an older community, with generous lots and loads of privacy. In the north end of Okotoks, and right next door to the downtown, Downey has excellent accessibility to a wide range of amenities in the area. This area is very commuter-friendly and attracts a good deal of young families thanks to its mature streets, cul-de-sacs, and the serene neighbourhood feel that is simply unforgettable.

See properties in Downey


Heritage Okotoks is a turn of the century location commonly referred to as the Downtown area. It has a mix of residential and commercial properties. Many of the homes are residential / commercial mix. Some of projects in this area include boutique stores, office spaces, medical, health & wellness, beauty, and antique stores.
The Downtown has many development and redevelopment opportunities, and is popular with professionals, entertainment, tourism, culture and arts, and high-end retail stores.

See properties in Heritage

North Gateway

North Gateway will be a new community coming soon.

See properties in North Gateway


Walking paths, mature trees, large lots, and mountain views have come to define the charming community of Suntree in Okotoks. There is a real sense of community pride here, which you can see throughout the homes. Go for a walk, or ride your bike, through the quiet streets and you’ll get a real feel for the area - large, unique homes, community events always going on (like the Suntree Music Festival), and the selection of schools. Suntree is a proud place for homeowners of all types, which means that you won’t find it hard to find your dream home in this amazing area.

See properties in Suntree

Tower Hill

Tower Hill offers great opportunities for first-time buyers and young families who are interested in owning their first piece of Okotoks. In the area, you’re most likely to find 4-level splits and bungalows, with some 2-storey single-family homes scattered throughout. The key to this area is just how close it is to some of the area’s best schools, shopping options, and the charming area of Downtown Okotoks. The most intriguing part of Tower Hill is the walking/biking path system, which allows you to spend some great time outdoors, exercising, all while navigating your way through the many charming spots in Okotoks.

See properties in Tower Hill

Make Okotoks Home

Okotoks is a community that is growing quickly, with the same heart and soul that has made it charming from the very beginning. Full of excitement, easy to navigate, commuter and family-friendly. You can truly live in Okotoks – you won’t find that anywhere else.

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