Secrets for Garage Organization


Have you ever looked at a home and tried to figure out how you would fill up all of the space? Fast forward a year or two and you are suddenly swimming in clutter as all of that space has now been filled and then some. The solution, if you own a home with a garage, is to move all of the extras out into the garage. A great plan, but, unfortunately, your garage also has limited space and now, there is no room to park your car or even get to the back of your garage. The solution? Here are some tips from Okotoks Real Estate to help you organize your garage space.

Shelves and Racks

Garage organization does not have to be difficult nor expensive. Rather it needs to be efficient and is essential if you want the ability to move around in your garage. The quickest way to utilize the space in your garage is to build or purchase shelving. Wall shelving allows you to reorganize whatever clutter you have in your garage by stacking it against the wall and utilizing the length and height of the wall. Think about making shelves that are part of the ceiling as well. That way any large items can be stored out of the way. Think about using bins and boxes with labels to store multiple items and then storing them overhead to help reduce the clutter in your garage. If you use your shed to store garden tools, think about storing these tools in a rack on the side of the garage. This rack will not only make your tools easier to find, but again, it will also help organize and compartmentalize the different items in your garage.

Boxes, Bins and Hanging

As mentioned previously, think about grouping similar items such as pool toys or winter clothes for instance and then labeling them and packing them away in a box or bin. This will not only help you cut back on clutter, it will also help you relocate items when you need them again. A box or a bin is far easier to locate than individual items and they are very easy to store on a shelf. Many people use a garage to store various recreational goods as well. Bicycles take up a lot of room in a garage and depending upon the size of your family can quickly make your garage look and feel very cluttered. Think about hanging your bikes as a way of saving floor space and decluttering your garage. If hanging bikes is not an option, think about using a bike rack of some type to help reorganize your bikes.

With a little bit of creativity and a few hours (or days), you can declutter your garage and hopefully make that space more functional and far more organized. A few shelves, racks, boxes and bins should help transform your garage into a neatly organized and efficient space and with a little luck, you may even be able to park your car in your garage again.