Removing Mold and Mildew From Your Home


Mold and mildew are unfortunately a very common occurrence in most of our homes. Living in a damp environment can further exacerbate these problems and create not only an unsightly problem but if left unattended, mold and mildew can be a health concern as well. We at Okotoks Real Estate would like you to maintain your beautiful home and offer the following tips to help you remove any mold and mildew that you may encounter in your home.

Causes and Concerns

Moisture is the key cause of both mold and mildew. Although mold spores are naturally occurring in our environment, they are generally not a problem until they begin to reproduce in damp areas of your home. The most common area that you will see mold and mildew growth is in the bathroom. Look for black spots in the corners of the shower or in the tile grooves. Once mold has begun to reproduce in any areas of moisture, it can quickly become a health hazard. Molds have the potential to cause different types of allergies and irritants. Common symptoms of mold exposure range from hay fever type symptoms to rashes. Because of these health risks and the fact that those black spots on your shower tile or in the corners of your windows are unsightly, it is best to remove any mold you may find in your home as quick as possible.


The amount of mold you have in your home will quickly determine the method of removal. If you encounter large areas of mold it is best to call in professional help to get rid of the problem. If the extent of mold is a few sports in the shower, scrubbing it off with bleach and water may be all that is needed. Unless the root of the problem is fixed however, the mold will just come back. Remember to wear gloves when scrubbing the mold as you do not want to be touching the mold spores. Because mold tends to grow around areas of high moisture, ensure that once the mold is removed, the humidity in the area is also reduced. In a bathroom that will mean that you run the fan longer or open a window to allow the extra moisture to escape. If you do not deal with the excess moisture, the mold will grow back time after time.

Moisture can quickly lead to larger problems in any home. Remember to deal with any water damage or excess moisture quickly in order to keep any mold or mildew growth to a bare minimum. Keep on top of any mold and mildew growth to keep your family healthy and your home mold free.