Tips for Bug Proofing Your Home – Part 1


With the recent heat wave and the longer days, it seems that summer is finally here. After a long winter and spring, the season for backyard barbecues, shorts and swimming is getting into full swing. Perhaps it’s because the Albertan summers are so short, but most people would agree that the summer months are some of the best months of the year. These months also tend to bring some unwelcomed guests into the home as well. What would summer be without mosquitoes, fruit flies and other pesky insects? Here are some tips to help bug proof your home during the summer months. So break out those short sleeved shirts and sandals and get out on a deck to enjoy some sunshine because the summer season is here; just don’t forget to close the screen door to keep out the bugs!


If you do not want unwelcome guests buzzing around inside your home, the quickest solution to solve that problem is to make sure all of your windows and doors are covered with a screen when they are open. If you do not have screens on every window and door, install them. If you have any rips or tears, mend them or replace them as soon as possible. If you are installing screens, find screens with as fine of mesh as you can to keep all but the tiniest of bugs from finding their way into your home.


Look for any cracks between the bottom of all of the doors and door sweeps in your home. If you can see light then bugs can get in. Either install new door sweeps or use door seals to fill in any gaps around the door. While you are looking at your doors, also inspect the outside of your home looking for any cracks in the foundation, fascia boards or exterior walls. Also be sure to check for gaps around your dryer vent, or any other lines that may enter your home such as a gas line or even a telephone line. All of these places can be entry points for bugs. Make sure to seal any of the cracks you may find with a multi-purpose caulking from the outside and think about filling any gaps with a spray foam on the inside.

A quick check around your home for any cracks and an inspection of all of the screens in your home will quickly assess what the next step is for keeping the summer bugs outside where they belong. Again, if you do not have screens on all doors and windows, install them before opening the windows. Using screens and filling any gaps and using sealant are a few quick tips from us here at Okotoks Real Estate to help bug proof the outside of your home. Next we will look at tips to help you bug proof the inside of your home.