Selling Your Okotoks Home – HDR Real Estate Photography

HDR Photography Combined With Home Staging Are Powerful Tools For Selling a Home

In today’s real estate market over 90% of all home buyers start their search for a new home online. Listing your home with a Realtor who invests the time and money to professionally stage your home using a photographer who takes high quality HDR photos is critical. Good photos will make your home stand out from the crowd and help it achieve its maximum selling price.

On the other hand, poor quality photos of a home that has not been staged will mean fewer potential buyers will be attracted to come and view your property. This will mean the time it takes to sell your home will be prolonged and the property is likely to achieve a lower final selling price.

I am certified to stage homes and I provide this service free of charge to my clients. I know what home buyers look for in a home and a few small tweaks can often make all the difference. On the day my photographer comes to your home, I will if required make a few adjustments so that your home show cases to its full potential. The cost of home staging and HDR photography is free to my clients.

Using these techniques I have been able to sell homes quite quickly that have been sat on the market for months with attracting a single offer.

By now you might be thinking what is HDR photography?

HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography is a process that involves taking between 3 and 9 photos of the same scene at different exposure levels from light to dark. Special software is then used to combine all the photos into one special HDR photo.

Why is HDR photography important to me?
Okotoks is a beautiful place to live and many people enjoy some amazing scenery out of their windows. When prospective buyers are searching MLS listings for a new home they want to see photos that show case the inside and the outside of the home. Below is a selection of photos showing examples of properly exposed HDR photos where the inside of the home and the view outside the window are properly exposed. We then have examples of typical real estate photos where the view outside the home is just a bright white background or the room is very dark.

Below Are Some HDR Real Estate Photo Examples

HDR2 (1) HDR2 HDR3

Now Some Non HDR Photos

Normal Normal1 Normal-4

1. HDR Photography explained.?
A High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph is basically several identical images taken at different exposure levels which are then blended together using specialist software to create one highly detailed photograph. The result is a photo that looks more natural to the human eye.

2. Why is HDR photography important to people selling Real Estate ?
The process of making an HDR photo allows the photographer to capture an image that resembles a natural scene to the human eye. This means the interior of the home and the view outside the window will be properly exposed.

3. Is HDR photography ideal for all properties?
HDR is an excellent way of photographing a home and provides many benefits of traditional photography.

4. When might HDR photography not be the best option for my project?
If the view outside the window is not great it may be a better option to take normal photo that will typically make the window look bright white.

5. Why does HDR photography cost more than traditional photography?
HDR photography is very time consuming, each scene is photographed upwards of seven times and then the photographer has to go back to the lab and edit all the photos into one photo that show cases your home. On average it takes twenty minutes to produce one photo and we typically use twenty photos in each MLS listing.

6. Who pays for the HDR photography?
I cover the cost of the HDR photography.

7. I’ve seen some HDR photographs that look  cartoon like, is this normal?
HDR photography is very powerful and allows the photographer to create photos that look surreal. My photographer will only use natural looking photos unless the client requests a dramatic looking Real Estate shot.

8. Can HDR real estate photography make my home look better than it is.
HDR photography will bring out the very best in your home but it will not fix problems that should have addressed by the home owner before the home is marketed. Over 90% of home buyers start their new home search online so pictures are very important because most people shop with their eyes. Also remember the quality of the equipment used to take the photo is critical and my photographer uses the very best equipment available.

If you are considering selling your home please contact Okotoks Realtor Samantha Clement