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When a client asks me to sell their home my first thought is what can be done to maximize the selling price?

One of the easiest and cheapest options available to maximize a home’s selling price is to stage the home properly. Staging a home will help the property sell quickly and achieve a great sale price. It does not matter how great the Realtor is at marketing, if the home is not staged professionally it will sell for less money period.

Quite often when I mention the words “home staging” my clients think this will cost hundreds of dollars, but what if I told you my home staging services are free and I will use your existing furniture and home decor! Would that interest you? I am a certified home stager and all of my clients benefit from this service free of charge.

Regardless of market conditions, in order to sell a home for its full potential we have to make sure the home is market ready. Market ready means showing the home in a way that it appeals to buyers. This approach will maximize the selling price and reduce the amount time the property is on the market. This is why home staging is a critical element of any marketing strategy and a must for any home being listed for sale.

So what is home staging?

We all love our homes and we become comfortable with the way we live, however to achieve a higher selling price we sometimes have to make some small adjustments to our home and our lifestyle. Firstly home staging it is NOT decorating. Staging is about depersonalizing your space so potential buyers can mentally picture themselves living in your home. Staging is creating a feeling in the room that draws the buyers in, staging is having an objective and professional assessment of the properties strengths and challenge areas. A certified home stager will come up with solutions that will help buyers fall in love with what they see and increases the homes desirability.

How come home staging does not cost anything?

Many home stagers charge a fee for this essential service but I offer this service free to my clients. When staging a home I use everything you have in your home, but maybe in a slightly different way. Having three couches in the living room may fit your current lifestyle but it may not be the best use of the space and furniture. We can adjust the layout of the living room and move one couch to the basement. This creates an additional living area in the basement which is desirable to many buyers. Are you getting the picture now?

Staging is making sure that all the homes fixtures and fittings, including light bulbs, are working. Staging is about de-cluttering, and making sure the house is CLEAN and tidy. Staging is about repurposing items and furniture and decor. Staging is about achieving more MONEY in a shorter amount of time.

Staging takes a little bit of hard work and effort BEFORE we list your home on the market, however the benefits can save you thousands of dollars. If you do not invest the time or effort into staging your home the chances are you will help all the other houses in Okotoks sell before yours.

If you are considering selling a home in Okotoks I am here to help.

I will help you stage your home and I will market your home at its full potential. Your home deserves to be professionally marketed by an experienced Realtor who stages the home properly and uses a professional real estate photographer.

Samantha Clement is an Okotoks based Realtor and Certified Home Stager. You can contact Samantha at 403.605.7200 or via her website.

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