Making the Most of a Small Bedroom Space

Sometimes when viewing a home, you’ll find out that it has a unique floor plan with an extra room unexpectedly tucked away. Many homeowners will ponder, “What am I going to do with this small space?”

There are many such Okotoks real estate homes that have an extra “bonus” room in addition to several regular-sized bedrooms. The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to maximize the minimal floor space.

Bunked or Lofted Beds

Getting those beds off the floor is a great way to reduce congestion in a smaller room. The top bunk could also serve double duty as a storage space for extra blankets, pillows, or items like stuffed animals.

Two stacked beds aren’t even necessary, though, if you want to capitalize on the freed up room in other ways. One could use the space as a “vanity” area with a mirror and a small dresser. Another option is to place a desk and chair under the bed to create a petite workspace.

Built-in Storage

Having structured storage is a veritable necessity when it comes to compact rooms. Built-in shelving uses available space more efficiently than a dresser or cabinet, and they can be tucked away in spaces that would be too small for a regular shelf.

Consider building or purchasing a bed with stowaway compartments underneath. Having a shelf built-in to a bunk or headboard structure would also free up some room. Anywhere with a flat surface could double as a storage unit with some free time and minimal lumber and materials.


Using a daybed typically means that the bed could also be used as a couch during normal hours, providing cushy seating in an intimate sitting room. Daybeds can be decorated with bright, cheery colors and decorative pillows to set off the other materials in the room.

Two daybeds lined up lengthwise would provide bench-type seating in a room that is unusually narrow, in addition to two emergency beds in case of overnight guests.

Use Light to Your Advantage

The enemy of a cozy space is darkness. Without light, a small room can feel cramped and unwelcoming.

To avoid this problem, use the natural light that windows afford without crowding or blocking them. For instance, if you absolutely have to place a bed against a wall with a window, purchase a see-through headboard made of a metal frame instead of a flat sheet of wood.

Another trick to encourage light is to use bright, reflective colors such as whites or creamy off-whites coupled with soft lighting. Soft light can create a dithering effect in corners that when used from multiple angles can create the illusion of a larger, more inviting space.

Mirror likewise provides the illusion of depth. Round mirrors as a wall-accent can contrast nicely with other décor, and a sliding mirror closet will even double the appearance of your floor space.

Becoming inventive is the key to making any lilliputian space charming and attractive. These approaches can help make the most of Okotoks real estate homes that have what feels like surplus rooms.

To find a home for you to work your magic on, or for advice on finding where to get custom furniture, contact us so you can make the most of your home. If you’re looking for a new home, check out our website search Okotoks feature.