Everything Old Is New: Mid-Century Décor

Everything moves in cycles. In the 1990s, the 70s were all the rage. In the early 2000s, nostalgia looked back at the decadent 80s. Home décor is no different than any other style or fashion.

This past year has seen a resurgence of interest in what is often known as Midcentury Modern Décor, a style and aesthetic that was first popularized between the 1930s and 1960s. As you work with your interior designer to decorate your new space, consider the following ideas.

A Unique Style

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this aesthetic is that it is utterly unique. It seemed to spring fully-formed out of nowhere. Nothing like it had ever been done before, and nothing really like it has come up since. It emphasized sleek lines, open floor plans, and a futuristic, postmodern look.

Perfect for the Luxury Home

Because this style of decorating relies upon open floor plans, bright lighting and large, roomy spaces, luxury homes are ideal for adopting it. The sleek and clean lines that dominate the style create a great eye line for rooms. The outside-the-box craftsmanship can create surprising and innovative options for storage and utility.

“Retro” New

This type of design is often referred to as “retro” decorating. By combining 1960s aesthetics with modern design sensibilities you can create a stunning look for your Okotoks real estate. Look to refurbished cabinets and storage. Find wood or metal fixtures that can be kept bright and clean but are sleek rather than ornamental.

Counters and Lighting

Keep your countertops white or glossy and gray. If you want to bring in a high-end look, go with granite, marble, or quartz as options. Go for hanging metal or colorful plastic light fixtures. Choose bold shapes with geometric patterns. Get creative and artistic with your lighting, but keep it bright.


Once again, keep it simple when it comes to furniture. You want clean lines, gloss and shine. Choose form that emphasizes function and utility. If something looks particularly clever, consider adding it to the design as a surprise element to offset the basic overall theme.

Tulip, Egg and Diamond chairs are excellent for this sort of design. Have your designer hit up local second hand or antique stores to find the perfect pieces that suit your personality.

Using mid-century design to highlight your sense of style is a popular idea. Your interior decorator can have lots of fun putting this design together, and you will love the result. If you are ready to take on a luxury home as a blank canvas you can make your own, we are here to help. Give us a call!