Organizing Your Private Library

Being a luxury home owner means having the kind of options for relaxation which others only dream of. For many, this includes having your own library. A dedicated library and study provides not only a real touch of class to your home, it can be one of the greatest places for rest and leisure that you could ever want.

Organizing this library can be a challenge. If you have a large collection, you want to be sure you can find what you want and have the space to make it happen. Here are some tips for setting up a private library in your luxury home.

Weed the Collection

“Weeding the collection” is a term used by professional librarians. It refers to getting rid of old books that you no longer want or need. While some old leather bound volumes may look great on the shelves and add a touch of mystery and veneration to your collection, things like ten-year-old textbooks and fifteen-year-old magazines are no good. Get rid of them; donate them to a thrift store and get a tax write off for your troubles.

The Call Number Approach

One option for sorting your collection is to use a call number system like a real library. If you do, most modern books have a Library of Congress call number on the copyright page. For those that do not, the LC number can be found online at WorldCat.

You can easily put these call numbers into a computer spreadsheet or simple database for easy searching. A basic label maker can serve to put the labels on the book spines so you can find them on the shelf.

The Modern Method

The modern method of sorting does not use call numbers or labels, but requires some judgment calls and a bit more thought. In this method you set up your library like a book store, dividing your collection into genres and subjects. You can arrange books within their subject sections by author, series or whatever makes sense for you.

Organizing your library is up to you in the end; go with what seems logical and will keep your collection accessible. You can even use a combination of the two methods; arrange by subject or topic, then using call numbers within those sections. The key is to be able to easily find what you want, when you want it. If you are looking to buy Okotoks real estate, give us a call today!