Common Issues Uncovered During Home Inspections

Everyone knows that a home inspection is a vital part of purchasing a home. A good inspector can find problems that might otherwise be missed. The home inspection may be a requirement and can be an important line of defense in your Okotoks real estate purchase.

When the time comes to negotiate repairs or price, this paperwork will be vital. Here are some of the most common issues that home inspectors uncover during their property examinations.

Yard Grading and Drainage

A yard could be graded in such a way that results in water drainage towards the home. In this case, you could experience serious moisture problems in your basement or other areas of the home. Such moisture issues can lead to foundation and structural problems that go far beyond being a nuisance, including mold.

A home inspector should be able to tell you if this is a current or a possible future issue to be addressed.

Roof Problems

A new roof should last a good twenty years. A home inspector may find loose or missing shingles or structural issues with a home’s roof. Even if the roof is currently sound, a good home inspection will unveil potential problems in the near future. You can negotiate to have these issues repaired or the cost subtracted from your purchase price before you move forward with your purchase.

Electrical Problems

One of the things your professional inspector will check for are wiring and grounding problems in the home’s electrical systems. If there are loose or frayed wires, or bad grounds, you will want to have a qualified electrician take care of these problems. This is another opportunity to discuss splitting the costs with the prior owners.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can be invisible until they explode- at which point you can be looking at thousands of dollars in repair work. A good home inspection will reveal potential issues long before they become a problem. This can enable you to make sure that your pipes are stable and strong.

Building Codes

Too many homeowners take the DIY approach to home repair and upgrades. During the examination of your property, a professional inspector can spot updates that may not be quite up to code. Such issues are far more common than you may think. Any potential code violations should be addressed decisively before you sign the paperwork.

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