Remodeling Your New Home

When you buy a new home, you are purchasing a blank slate, waiting to be transformed into a personalized space that calls your name.

The first time you enter your home after signing the papers, you may be overwhelmed at your plans and possibilities for home improvement. Some new home upgrades are quite expensive; others are very economical.

Here are some ideas for making the most of your new Okotoks real estate space.

Staircase Storage

Staircases are one of the most under-utilized spaces in a home. Most stairs are hollow underneath, meaning they are ripe for storage and creative use. Consider the following:

  • Install a wine cellar under your stairs, with built-in racks to house your favorite vintages.
  • Empty space under the stairs can make a perfect cubbyhole just for your pets to eat, rest and play.
  • Under-stair shelving can display photos, artwork and decorative knick-knacks.
  • A computer desk, recharging station and cork board can create a great workspace.
  • Bookshelves are an obvious use for under-stair storage.
  • Why not put an entertainment center under your stairs? Shelves can be built in to store your media collection, and the TV can be mounted on the wall where shade creates maximum screen visibility.

Finish the Attic

Finishing the attic in a home can not only be a very easy remodel, but can greatly increase the equity and value in your home. If your attic is more than a crawlspace, a bit of drywall, some flooring, ventilation improvements and a coat of paint may be all that you really need to turn that attic storage into a fully-usable third floor bedroom or office.

Quick Kitchen Remodels

There are few homeowners out there who have not dreamed of a kitchen remodel. You do not need to go all-in to reface your kitchen. The “fresh coat of paint” approach can work wonders for homeowners on a budget.

Adding some new cabinets and counters along an empty wall is often an easy process that can improve the utility and flow of your room, especially when combined with a new paint job.

Cutting a window between the kitchen and dining room can also really open up the space. This is a bit more expensive and tricky. Make sure to consult a professional before you start demolition to be sure you are not cutting into a load-bearing wall!

A blank canvas can be a lot of fun to work with, and it need not break your budget. If you are ready to purchase your new home, we are ready to help you dive in. Drop us a line today!