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Light Up Okotoks

Light Up Okotoks November 20 2015

Light up Okotoks

Don’t miss out on Okotoks most popular family event “Light Up Okotoks” this coming Friday, November 20th. The family fun will start at 5.30pm in Elizabeth Street, North Railway Street and McRae Street.

This is my favorite family event of the year and it looks like the recent snow fall will mean it will look very Christmassy. Light Up Okotoks is not the same without snow and it feels like Okotoks is transformed into Winter Wonderland.

Starting at 5.30pm you can wonder up and down the streets that are closed to vehicles and enjoy the Christmas spirit. You will find Santa and his helpers waiting to see the children outside the Okotoks Art Gallery.

The lighting of the Christmas tree lights will be at 7pm and you can enjoy festive music being played at the Plaza with live performances. Throughout the night you can catch a ride on a six horse drawn sleigh and take in the sights of Elizabeth Street. You will be able to spot the three food trucks that are on standby to receive food donations. You can also donate money for the Okotoks food bank.

The evening ends at 9pm with the traditional firework spectacular that is created by John Collins.

A detailed map and itinerary for the event can be found here at www.okotoks.ca and you can pick up a print copy at the Okotoks Recreation Centre

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Coffee shops in Okotoks

Five of my favorite places to grab a cup of tea or coffee in Okotoks

Every now and then I like to take a quick break from Real Estate. When I decide a break is needed, I love to head out into the Town and grab a nice coffee or a cup of specialty tea. Okotoks is an amazing place to live and we have a great selection of places to “hang out” according to your particular mood. I really enjoy grabbing a coffee in a place that has a great atmosphere that helps me think, be creative and to people watch! Fortunately, I really don’t have to venture far in order to get my “fix”. This is my top five coffee shops however there are a number of other places in Okotoks that offer similar services.

Brown Sugar – #109, 235 Milligan Drive, Okotoks

Brown Sugar Okotoks

Brown Sugar Okotoks

This little gem is situated between 32nd Street and Milligan Road Okotoks behind the 7-11. The hours are fantastic between 7-5 Monday to Friday and 9-5 on a Saturday. Brown Sugar offers everything from fresh baked bread to cupcakes, sandwiches and pretty much any munchies in between. I am particularly partial to their Apple Cheddar muffin! Convenient and reasonably priced you must pop in and try their delights. Oh yes and wifi access! brownsugarbakeshop.ca

Tribal Connections – 41 McRae St, Okotoks

Tribal Connections Coffee Okotoks

Tribal Connections Coffee Okotoks

You can find this great coffee stop in the old down towne area of Okotoks. Close to other stores so you can have a browse around at the local offerings and end up here for a well deserved break. If I had to have a favorite, then this would be it. Love the fact that the store has lots of jewelry, clothes and more. With a cozy seating area and amazing food and drink I love to sit back and relax and take in the atmosphere. Tribal also has a front and rear patio area which is fantastic in the summer. Love, love having access to their free wifi which is always a bonus if I am working or meeting a client over coffee. I have two favorites, the London Fog and the Matcha Latte, oh I am spoilt for choice!. Opening hours are 9.30-5.30 Monday to Saturday and 11-5 on a Sunday.

Homeground Coffee and Roasting House – 22 N Railway St, Okotoks

Homeground coffee okotoks

Homeground coffee okotoks

Homeground is literally across the street from Tribal connections. With an outdoor patio area and a small but cozy main floor area, Homeground has a great atmosphere that is hard to beat. The smell of the roasting coffee is also very tempting! The coffee is roasting on site by Rebel Bean Coffee and they have some fantastic organic blends, which are available to purchase from the coffee house and throughout the area. If you are a die hard coffee drinker then take a look at their website and get ordering! http://www.rebelbeancoffee.com. My favorite to eat here is the white chocolate and berry scone which is light and very delicious and I am sure very good for you! HomeGroundCoffeeRoastingHouse

Starbucks – #110, 201 Southridge Drive, Okotoks

Starbucks Okotoks

Starbucks Okotoks

A staple in a town is the Starbucks. We do have two and this one is the larger one, the other is located in the Safeway store. Offers a drive through, which is always convenient when I am in a hurry, and appears to be well run and clean. I do have a couple of favorites, green tea matcha latte with coconut milk, and unfortunately the caramel pretzel which is extremely delicious and I am sure low calorie! With wi-fi access and a steady stream of people this is a great place to work. Starbucks Okotoks

Tim Hortons – #10, 18 Southridge Drive, Okotokstim-hortons-okotoks
Love Tim’s for a quick stop or meeting up with clients before we go and view properties. With the recent upgrades it feels a little more up market with the couches and fireplace, it definitely has a good atmosphere. I really have to be careful and limit myself to one Boston Cream ..
Free wi-fi access and easy to find Tim’s is definitely a Canadian staple which is great value in any town. Tim hortons

This is my top five, however there are a number of other places in Okotoks that offer similar services. Where do you like to hang out? If you are interested in finding out more about the Okotoks real estate market why not text me and lets meet for coffee! 403.605.7200


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Okotoks Recycling Program Continues to Expand

Learn about Okotoks' growing recycling program. Okotoks real estate owners continue to become greener every year. Fifty percent of eligible households subscribe to the Curb It curbside recycling program, with more jumping on board every week.

The handy curbside service provides 240 L bins for unsorted recyclables including plastics, metals, and paper products. Each month, 88 tons of material has been spared from an eternal resting place in a landfill, instead being processed to make handy materials like rayon and post-consumer plastics.

The new carts only cost $8.45 per month and are estimated to save hundreds a year on extra garbage bags and waste-disposal surcharges. Also, the luxury of no longer having to sort various recyclables has been met with enthusiasm.

What you Need to Know About Okotoks’ Recycling Program

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