Subtle Ways to Improve Your Chances at Finding an Interested Buyer

When you list your home, you want your metaphorical fishing line to get a nibble as soon as possible. Timing is important. Generally speaking, the longer a home sits on the market, the tougher it is to sell.

Many sellers do not consider all the things they can do themselves to help gain interest in their property. Here are some easy but not always obvious ways to get your home noticed by the right home buyer.

Cut Down on Clutter

Go above and beyond your usual cleaning sessions; get a large portion of a room’s miscellaneous objects out of sight. Take out around half of the decorations, knick-knacks and furniture from every room. A home that is fully-prepared to be shown will feel spacious and ready for a buyer to move right in, thanks to some pared down decorating.

Cabinets and closets will benefit from having less clothing in them. By reducing the contents of a closet you can give the buyer a better idea of how the closet space can be used. Cutting back on volume gives the appearance that the space is even roomier than a buyer may expect. 

Pressure Wash Your Driveway and Walkways

While concrete lasts for decades, it can tend to look aged because of constant exposure to the elements. Use a pressure washer and clean up any outdoor surfaces around your home’s exterior. You will notice the difference almost immediately once you begin the process.

Exterior walls can also benefit from a quick pressure washing to remove buildup and brighten colors. Make sure to be careful when spraying around trim and gutters to avoid damaging them. Take care when pressure washing brick, be sure to keep the pressure at a lower setting for the best results.

Set Your Property Apart from Your Neighbors

While having a home that does not match the overall value or style of your neighborhood can be problematic, adding small unique touches never hurts.

Take your time to evaluate your landscape and try to create something fresh and new. Plant some healthy, colorful flowers near your mailbox. Replace a small grassy area near your front door with some decorative shrubs. The distinction between your property and your neighbors’ will subconsciously communicate extra appeal and value to a buyer.

Display Important Documents

If people walk in your house and see that you have some of your home’s information on display, they will know that you are serious about being up front with all sale factors. Having this kind of information handy can be a selling point and shows you have cared for the home.

Documents suited to this purpose can include purchase information, warranties and manuals for any recently purchased appliances. Consider placing these near their respective components so that buyers can glean information without having to ask too many questions. Having these informational documents handy can show you cared for the home and its contents.

Most important of all, having a qualified representing real estate agent can help get your Okotoks real estate listing in interested buyer’s hands. An agent can also provide advice on other ways to improve your home’s overall appeal and attractiveness buyers. To find out more about what an expert agent can do for you, visit our selling page.