How to Keep Windows Sparkling Clean When Selling a Home

When selling a home, it is essential that windows are spotlessly clean whenever a potential buyer comes calling. Even the most beautiful views from a home cannot be seen through dirty windows.

There is often more to washing windows than meets the eye. Here are a few tips for maintaining clean, clear windows and window treatments:

Streaking and Spots on Windows

Always a tough chore, window washing can sometimes be hit or miss. From one perspective, the window looks perfectly clean after you wash it. When you move to another location in the room or the direction of sunlight changes, you notice the streaks and spots you might have missed.

A window-washing squeegee with a soft, smooth rubber edge, similar to ones typically found on gas station islands, should provide better results the first time you wash a window. Avoid washing in direct sunlight as quickly dried glass is more likely to streak.

Smoke on the Window

If you or someone in your family is a smoker, the secondhand smoke will attach to interior windows as a grimy film. Wash the glass with a solution of lemon-scented ammonia in 2 ½ gallons of water to cut through the grime and give your home a fresh scent at the same time.

Window Frames and Shades

Everything in your home is subject to a build-up of dust, dirt, and other assorted invisible, unhealthy “roommates.” Dust both sides of window shades or blinds frequently using a soft cloth, a brand-name dusting product or your vacuum’s dusting brush.

Wash vinyl shades with sponge and a homemade solution of tepid water and white vinegar and wipe with a clean cloth. An antistatic spray used right after you have cleaned the shades will help keep dust at bay for a while.

Check your window frames for mildew from time to time, especially after periods of rain. Mildew spots are easily removed with a solution made up of one quart of water, an ounce (30 milliliters) of laundry detergent and two ounces (60 milliliters) of household bleach.

Outside Windows and Screens

Some seasons are really rough on a home’s exterior windows and screens. When your home is on the market, you should keep a steady eye on their condition. It is best to remove and wash screens outdoors when they need it.

First, tap the screens gently to remove loose dirt. Wash the screen with a wide, soft-bristled brush and a solution of warm-to-hot water mixed with dishwashing detergent to gently scour the screen. After rinsing with a hose, let the screens dry outside.

Your outside windowsills have a special knack for getting dirty. To minimize the damage from the elements, apply a coat of floor wax. The wax will protect the sills, and you will not have to clean them as often.

Everything you do to give potential buyers a clear, detailed picture of your home’s value goes a long way. Visit our website for more information on successful home-selling techniques in the Okotoks Real Estate market.