Helpful Lawn Care Tips Part II

In our last article, we examined some pre-care tips for your lawn. These are the steps that can be taken as soon as the snow is off your lawn and should set the table for a healthy, lush and green lawn as we draw closer to the summer season. To quickly recap, we discussed how and why to aerate your lawn, why over seeding is an important part of proper lawn care and how to utilize fertilizer. We at Okotoks real estate would now like to offer you our tips on the more practical side of lawn care – the part of lawn care you are probably more familiar with.

Rid Your Lawn of Weeds and Pests

Once you have fully prepared your lawn for the summer months, a quick once over to look for weeds and insects is in order. Noxious weeds should be pulled as they will choke out grass and can make your lawn look spotty. They can either be pulled by hand or you can find an environmentally friendly product to help you control these unwanted pests. Insects can also wreak havoc on your lawn, and can be controlled through an environmentally friendly spray.

Give it Water

Watering your lawn may be one of the most important steps you can take. In order for your lawn to thrive, it must be properly irrigated. Your lawn only needs to be watered once per week. Try to water your lawn before 10 am to prevent any burning or unnecessary evaporation.

When watering, make sure to soak the grass up to a depth of 2.5 cm so the roots are properly hydrated. Remember to follow any local water restrictions, but don’t fret if there are any. Your lawn can go up to six weeks without adequate water.

Mow it Down

Finally, the most dreaded part of any lawn care – mowing. Believe it or not, regularly mowing your lawn is an important step towards a healthy and happy lawn. When mowing your lawn, leave all grass clippings on the lawn for fertilizer and to provide a natural form of nitrogen.  Make sure your lawn mower blade is sharpened each year. Mow frequently, but be sure to keep the length of your grass reasonably long to prevent burning.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to proper lawn care. By following these simple steps, you should be able to enjoy a lush and healthy lawn all summer long and for many years to come. Your home will hold more of its value, your neighbours will be happy and you will live in that dream home you have always wished for. We look forward to sharing more home improvement and home betterment tips with you in future articles.