Your Pet and Your New Home

The process of moving all of your things in to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. When you have a pet to move along with you, the process takes on a whole new level.

Pets are easily stressed, and moving upsets their whole world. Too much upheaval can lead to serious physical health problems for animals. Here are some things to keep in mind when you move into your new Okotoks real estate property with the family pet.

Update Their Records

Make sure that all of your pet’s records are up-to-date. This means making sure their license and tags show your new address, and that you know where your new vet is located.

Make an appointment to have your pet meet their new vet as soon as you can. Be sure you have all of their medical records from their old vet.

Access to Necessities

Be sure that you have everything you might need for your pet on hand. This means feeding dishes, food, toys, bedding, litter boxes and anything else your pet may need to feel safe and comfortable. The more familiar things your pet has around them, the easier it will be for them to adapt to their new surroundings.

If your pet has medical needs, be sure any prescriptions are freshly filled. You may not be able to get to your new vet right away. Having enough medication on hand can save a lot of headache.

Avoid Chaos

Chaos and stress go hand in hand. For pets, this can be a very bad thing.

Keep your pets secluded during the most active parts of the move. This will shelter them from confusion and make them feel safe. For dogs, crating them is a good idea. For cats, use a large pet carrier. Put some treats or a favorite blanket or toy in with them.

When the time comes to introduce your pet to their new home, do it gradually. Let them get used to each room for a few hours to a day before moving them to the next. Some pets will be eager to explore and claim their new area; others will be frightened and timid. Your pet will explore the new space at their own speed. Do not force it on them.

The key when moving your pets after buying a new home is to keep them feeling calm, safe and secure. By following a few common-sense tips, keeping important items handy and isolating your pet from chaos you will ensure a stress-free transition. If you are ready to purchase a new home, we are ready to help. Give us a call today!