Laurie Boyd Bridge Construction Okotoks

Construction for the $2.7 million redesign of the Laurie Boyd pedestrian bridge in Okotoks is now under way.

The newly designed bridge will be wider which will make it easier for pedestrians and bike riders. The current bridge is quite narrow which makes it difficult for people to cross the bridge especially if people are coming the other way. People with strollers, wheel chairs and bikes must wait for the bridge to be clear before they cross.

The bridge widening is part of a transportation plan in Okotoks to improve walking access to Sheep River and the downtown core. The good news is the bridge will remain open for most of the construction. At present some of the parking stalls have been closed behind the library but that’s about it. It’s probably best to park away from the construction area and there is still plenty of parking available

When you walk behind the library you will see a diversion to the trail located at the south end of the parking lot: however all the trails are still open and you can still enjoy the area.


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