In-Ground Sprinkler Maintenance

You probably don’t have a green lawn on your mind right now. After all, it’s barely the beginning of March. With all of the other spring cleaning tasks around the house, the last thing you are thinking about is proper in-ground sprinkler maintenance. However, a quick spring tune up is highly recommended and will get all of those kinks out of the system that may have developed over the winter months.

Flush the System

A proper spring tune up for your in-ground system is just as important as properly winterizing it. The first step is to flush out your system. To do this correctly, you need to remove the drip tubes and remove all of the nozzles from your sprinklers. This will flush out any debris that has become lodged in your pipes over the winter or any bugs that have taken up residence in your system over the winter.

Make sure to run the water for a long period of time to ensure that your system is thoroughly clean. When you are finished with this step, make sure not to let dirt run back into your system.

Replace Clogged Sprinklers

Once properly flushed, run your in-ground sprinkler system. Pay special attention looking for clogged nozzles or emitters. We recommend replacing your clogged sprinkler nozzles instead of trying to clean them yourself.

Self-cleaning can mess up the spray pattern and lead to over watering or dry spots. You also want to look for leaky valves as those flexible seals may have dried out over the winter. Replace all leaky seals as needed.

Make Sure It’s On Schedule

The final step to properly give your irrigation system a spring tune up is to check the run times of each station. Make sure that each station is properly set up, and check that your back up battery is in full working order. Please refer to your owner’s manual for proper installation and the location of your back up battery.

An in-ground sprinkler system can give your lawn a more even watering, and once you have completed a quick spring tune up, it will be virtually hassle free. By following these few steps, any further problems with your system should be alleviated, giving you a reliable and easy way to achieve that beautiful lawn. An in-ground sprinkler system gives your home added value and also that professionally landscaped look. For more information on increasing your home’s value, visit our sellers page.