4 Secrets to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Your first instinct when buying something new is to keep it in mint condition for as long as possible. Houses are no different. New homeowners are looking to enjoy their investment while also keeping it safe. Carpet often poses a challenge to maintaining a fresh appearance in your home. Many opt out of installing carpet, or replace it entirely as they settle into their new space. If you love the soft, comforting look and feel of carpeted rooms in your home, do not rush to rip it out just yet; these 4 secrets to keep your carpet looking new will help your floors stay fresh and clean for years to come.

  1. The Vacuum is Your Best Friend

A vacuum is your first line of defense against dirt and debris that are very damaging to your carpet. Dirt mats and cuts the tiny fibers of your carpet, wearing it down overtime. Not only is matted carpet unappealing, but it also stains more easily and creates a downhill effect, wearing faster and faster. It is very important to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to remove the damaging dirt and debris. Be sure you are using your vacuum properly. Improper use can result in inadequate cleaning or damaging effects that are just as bad as the dirt. Start on the highest setting and work your way down until you feel your vacuum self-propel. Always start with a fresh bag or empty container and wash or replace filters regularly. Treating the vacuum as your best friend when maintaining the quality of your carpet will keep your floors looking new twice as long.

  1. Defend High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas need extra TLC to keep them looking new. Protect your entry ways and frequently traveled areas by using rugs or mats. Creating a barrier between the traffic and your carpet will greatly reduce the amount of dirt and stains that would have otherwise damaged the fragile fibers. Use textured mats outside your home so that soil is removed before an individual enters. Water traps dirt in your carpet leading to stains; be sure to always dry your feet before walking on your carpeted areas, especially the high traffic zones. Vacuum under the rugs and mats frequently to give the ultimate defense to your high traffic areas.

  1. Properly Clean Stains

When an accident occurs on your fresh carpet, your first reaction might be panic. Many immediately run to the chemical solutions and scrub brushes, ready to attack the stain. What you may not realize is that you are doing more damage to your carpet by not knowing the proper way to clean a stain. The quicker you react to a stain, the better. Before grabbing the carpet cleaning chemical solutions, try plain tap water. This is less damaging to the fibers of the carpet and will almost always get the job done. Do not scrub the stain. Gently work the water into the stained fibers, then blot until the spot is removed, repeat if needed. If the stain needs a firmer solution, try vinegar or club soda. Use chemicals as a last resort, and be sure to always test a less-visible spot before saturating the stained area of your carpet. Knowing how to properly remove a stain will greatly reduce the damage done to your carpet in the event of an accident.

  1. DIY Steam Cleaning

A carpet steamer is a great investment for those who work to keep their carpet looking new. If you have a family or pets, steaming your carpet regularly can make a huge impact on lengthening the life of your carpet. Professional cleaning services can be very expensive, so knowing how to get the job done yourself is a great advantage. Always vacuum your carpets before steaming, and pretreat high traffic areas with a water/detergent solution. Simply mist the areas and let them sit approximately ten minutes before you begin to steam. Take your time, do not overwet and dry thoroughly when the job is complete. Open windows and turn on fans to help the drying process. Avoid cleaning on humid or rainy days. Steaming your carpets often is a sure way to keep them looking new.

Having carpet can make your home an enjoyable space, especially when they are properly maintained. If you prioritize keeping your carpets fresh, they will last for years to come. To learn more, visit our buyers page.