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Buying Versus Renting Saves Money

Buying Okotoks real estate is a wiser decision than renting a home.

When the housing market was quite tumultuous several years ago, renting instead of buying seemed to make sense. Mortgage companies were busy scrambling to re-assemble their capital, and housing prices were in a state of constant flux.

Since 2011, however, housing prices have made a healthy return. In fact, while housing is in ample supply for most communities, rental properties are experiencing a surge in demand like never seen before.

This clamor has triggered shrewd landlords to increase the rent on their property. Now, renters are paying on average more per-month for properties as they would for a low APR mortgage.

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Garden Edges Give Appearance of Order to Backyards

SPruces up your Okotoks home for sale with these gardening tips.

A backyard can be a big project to tackle. Usually, there’s so much unused space that deciding on what to do with it can be daunting. Many Okotoks real estate homeowners have grand plans to create a quaint garden or beautiful landscaping, but they’re not really sure how to begin.

The best way to begin creating a polished, unique look for your backyard is to divide up the space you have in order to concretely define each separate flowerbed or garden area. This task can be accomplished by using edges to create distinct borders.

Edges not only serve as a way to prevent mulch or rock from spilling all over the yard when it rains, but they also act as a visual boundary to compartmentalize the space in your yard. By separating one section from another, you are creating the appearance of order and balance, as opposed to an untamed wilderness.

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Outdoor Lighting Adds Beauty and Value to Homes

Light up your Okotoks home with decorative lighting.

The exterior of a house’s visual appeal can suffer severely at night. Showcased trees, sculptures, or landscaping often blends in with the rest of the darkness to create a bland, indiscernible swath of nothingness. This foreboding scene can make venturing out into the yard at night an uncomfortable prospect.

By adding outdoor lights, you are not only increasing the distinctiveness of your property, you are also adding safety, and encouraging mingling outdoors at all hours. Spending some quality time in your yard, after all, sure beats sitting in front of the TV every night.

Lighting Tips for your Okotoks Home

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Making the Most of a Small Bedroom Space

planning a small space Sometimes when viewing a home, you’ll find out that it has a unique floor plan with an extra room unexpectedly tucked away. Many homeowners will ponder, “What am I going to do with this small space?”

There are many such Okotoks real estate homes that have an extra “bonus” room in addition to several regular-sized bedrooms. The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to maximize the minimal floor space.

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Maintain Your Wood Deck this Summer

Maintain your Okotoks real estate with these deck maintenance tips.

Nothing says “relaxation” like enjoying your very own wooden deck or patio. Some Okotoks homes are lucky enough to have these charming additions to side porches or backyards that are the perfect spot for lounging on deck furniture and grilling out with family or friends.

All of this enjoyment can’t be endured forever, though, if that wood isn’t properly maintained. Lumber provides a beautiful and cost-effective decking solution, but that wood has to be looked after in order to last.

Here are some steps you should take regularly in order to ensure that your deck or patio can be appreciated for many summers to come.

Tips for Properly Maintaining your Deck

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